About Us

The Advanced Microplate Technologies technical team includes expertise in imaging electronics, embedded controllers, image processing, applications software, valve-manifold microfluidic and micro-conduit systems, and other technology areas.

Management Team

Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Remington Ludwig

Mr. Ludwig is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Microplate Technologies. He graduated early with honors with both B.A. (Business) and MBA degrees from Lindenwood University, St. Louis with an emphasis on business management and entrepreneurship. Upon graduation Mr. Ludwig founded, developed, and sold a green-cleaning business. He became interested in a family of New Renaissance Institute (NRI) technologies relevant to advancing the microplate industry while interning at NRI during his MBA program. During his internship he developed financials, market studies, and business models for several new technology areas and invented one of the products to be in Advanced Microplate Technologies early product offerings.


Chief Technology Officer: Salina Kwan

Ms. Kwan is serving as the acting Chief Technology Officer for Advanced Microplate Technologies. She previously worked at New Renaissance Institute (NRI) on microplate technology prototypes and applications and is actively involved in technology transfer from NRI, technology productization, and development of AMT enhancements of the NRI technology. Prior to her involvement with Advanced Microplate Technologies, Ms. Kwan worked at NRI in the areas of intra-cell computational biology signaling pathway modeling for human cancer and NRI’s lensless microscopic imaging technologies. Her earlier formal academic background (UC Davis) is in animal science. Ms. Kwan’s activities also include medical and biotechnology university research outreach/collaboration in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Chief Science Officer: Yvonne Moreno

Ms. Moreno is an entrepreneurial scientist and acting Chief Science Officer of Advanced Microplate Technologies. Ms. Moreno has several years of research and protocol experience in tissue culture, neurological biology, organic synthesis, ligand-binding processes, drug-addiction biochemistry, and a number of human behavior, animal, and human response studies. Her academic background in biology and Pre-Health Professions certificate are from The University of Texas at Austin. Ms. Moreno has been a member of the Biology Scholars Program and the Hispanic Health Professions Organization. Her other experience, background, and interests include biopsychology, pharmaceuticals, inventory management, sales, customer service, local community service, outreach, and Spanish-language scientific communication. Ms. Moreno’s activities include applications development and university and medical research outreach/collaboration in the San Antonio area.