Our Product

Advanced Microplate Technologies is working to introduce a synergistic family of new technologies into the microplate marketplace.

Some of the technologies will be implemented in ANSI-compliant microplate lids compatible with commodity microplate products, while others will be entirely new types of microplate products:

These allow live cell culture experiments to be made without removing microplates from an incubator, disturbing hypoxic gas environments and introducing fungal, mold, and microbial contamination. Drugs, pathogens, nutrients, gas atmosphere, introduction etc. can be separately adjusted and controlled for each well

Advanced Microplate Technologies welcomes information for applications and their needs as we work to build the marketplace. Please contact us at info@advancedmicroplatetechnologies.com

Actual images captured simultaneously from separate wells using AMT inexpensive lensless imaging microscopy
110x living plant tissue (unstained)
110x living plant tissue (stained)