Who We Are

Advanced Microplate Technologies, LLC (AMT) is a technology development and licensing company focused in the creation of specialty microplates, lids, readers, incubators, and related software to be licensed to major manufacturers for sale and distribution to biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical firms, and medical research institutes.

AMT is licensing, developing, and expanding a collection of New Renaissance Institute (NRI) technologies towards commercialization of next-generation microplates. Part of this includes leverages over six years of R&D beginning with a research partnership between NRI and San Francisco State University that lead to development of per-well fluidics and gas exchange facilitating otherwise extremely challenging human cancer cell-culture experiments; the resulting paper of which was awarded “Best Paper” out of 6,000 submissions, by the American Association for Cancer Research.

NRI’s research has since resulted in 24 patents, patent applications, and continuations, with four additional patents being filed within the next six months, covering six distinct technology areas with over sixteen new features and capabilities.

Technology and Intellectual Property

AMT is licensing and commercializing a number of New Renaissance Institute’s innovative microplate-related technologies represented by 24 issued patents and pending patents applications. The innovations span six distinct technology areas and a variety of features and applications. Please reach out to learn more about our projects and what these technologies can do for you.